Oracle Database Support. All the basics.

We have years of experience in the day-to-day support of Oracle databases. We know all about performance tuning, developer support, SQL tuning, migrations, upgrades, exports and imports, backup and recoveries and all the rest.

If you want to talk databases, we will understand!

Support. Transparency. Reporting.

We believe in straightforward, dependable support. We uphold transparency as a standard and feel strongly about letting you know what is going on behind the scenes.


Client Engagement

The Newman Client Engagement Model describes a process that consists of four logical levels – each building upon its predecessor. This model, developed over many years of experience, and many client engagements, ensures that our clients get the maximum benefit from our services. Depending on their needs, however, we will engage with clients on different levels, ensuring maximum flexibility in how they use our expertise. Read more

Database Health Investigation

We do in-depth database health investigations, highlighting any key areas in a database environment that need attention. Based on our findings, we will make recommendations for solutions or fixes. This is presented in a detailed report.

A full database health investigation is always done when engaging clients for the first time. This will be followed by a stabilisation process where most of the key elements, highlighted by the investigation, are attended to. Read more

Flexible Service Options

Different clients have different needs. At Newman we do not believe in “blanket” or one-size-fits-all solutions. Our Tiered Service Model is flexible enough to provide for single server set-ups to complex distributed environments.

Our services can be tailored to suit the needs of an SME or a large corporate. Our clients have the option to define the service they receive from Newman down to an individual server or database level. Read more

The Inspector

Newman uses state-of-the-art technology, which enables us to provide services of the highest standard.

The Inspector provides system owners with a bird's-eye-view of their IT environment and the services they receive from Newman. The Inspector enables us to make system owners aware of events when it happens, before they become issues, and provides them with up-to-date feedback and reports. Read more