Client Engagement

The Newman Client Engagement Model describes a process that consists of four logical levels – each building upon its predecessor. This model, developed over many years of experience, and many client engagements, ensures that our clients get the maximum benefit from our services. Depending on their needs, however, we will engage with clients on different levels, ensuring maximum flexibility in how they use our expertise.

Database Health Investigation

In most cases a Database Health Investigation is the first point of contact. After the Database Health Investigation, Newman will provide the client with a detailed report on the state of the client’s database environment.


The logical next stage is a Stabilisation process. Based on findings from the Database Health Investigation, Newman will implement measures to stabilise the database environment.


In some cases a database Support agreement is the first point of contact, but it usually follows a stabilisation process. The Newman Support Service is governed by a Service Level Agreement.
The type and level of support that Newman offers is highly flexible. Our clients have the option to shape our services to their exact requirement. We offer a tiered service model – each tier comprising more advanced services.
Newman uses integrated monitoring and service management systems, which allows us to provide proactive services on all supported systems across networks and geographical regions.


Projects are offered as out-of-SLA options and although it naturally follows a support agreement, it is not uncommon as a first time engagement with Newman. Projects include

  • Installations
  • Migrations
  • Upgrades & Patches
  • Backup strategy planning
  • Disaster recoveries
  • Disaster Recovery Tests
  • Weekly Data refreshes (Production to QA etc.)
  • Annual Reorgs
  • Data dumps

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