Database Health Investigation

We do in-depth database health investigations, highlighting any key areas in a database environment that need attention. Based on our findings, we will make recommendations for solutions or fixes. This is presented in a detailed report.

A full database health investigation is always done when engaging clients for the first time.  This will be followed by a stabilisation process where most of the key elements, highlighted by the investigation, are attended to.

Among other methods, Newman will use tools such as SQL*Plus and AWR reports to outline key indicators concerning database health.

A typical Database Health Investigation will include:

  • Investigation background
  • Root Cause Explanation and Timeline
  • Database Information
    • Instance Name
    • Version
    • Database Created
    • Database Started
  • AWR Report - Top 5 Events
    • CPU Utilisation
    • Db File Sequential Read
    • Db File Scattered Read
    • Db File Parallel Read
    • Log File Parallel Write
  • AWR Report - Additional Comments
    • Library Hit Ratio
    • Shared Pool
    • Disk Reads
    • Disk Sorts
    • Table Fetch Continued Row
    • Small Table Full Table Scans
    • Buffer Pool Advisory
    • Large Block Sizes
    • Keep Pool
    • Optimizer Index Caching
    • Conclusion: AWR Report
  • Database Investigation through SQL*Plus
    • DBA Privileges
    • Undo Retention
    • Redo Logfiles
    • Latch Contention
    • Shared Pool Stats
    • SGA Cache Hit Ratios
    • Sorts
    • Undo Contention
  • Database Health
    • Chain Count


Database Health Investigation Excerpt