Service Tiers

Flexible Service Options

Different clients have different needs. At Newman we do not believe in “blanket” or one-size-fits-all solutions. Our Tiered Service Model is flexible enough to provide for single server set-ups to complex distributed environments.

Our services can be tailored to suit the needs of an SME or a large corporate. Our clients have the option to define the service they receive from Newman down to an individual server or database level.

The reason for this is simple. Most IT environments are highly diverse, which means that a uniform, or inflexible service model will not work for most clients. A development or QA server, for example, does not require the same type, or the same level of service as a production server.

We offer four Service Tiers – Essential, Basic, Standard and Advanced. For each individual server or database, our clients have the option to select a Service Tier and select a Service Level that suits their needs.

The Newman Tiered Service Model gives our clients the freedom to shape the service they get from Newman to their exact requirements.

Service Tiers



Essential Service Tier

The Essential Service Tier forms the foundation of the services offered by Newman. The services included in the tier are essential to any database environment.

The Essential Service Tier is available under a Service Level Agreement. The services included in this tier are briefly discussed below.

Database Usage
Monitoring sessions and processes and report on behaviour:

  • Background processes
  • Dedicated server processes
  • Shared server processes
  • Long running sessions
  • Track session IO stats
  • Track session wait events
  • Monitor blocked sessions

Incident Monitoring

  • Monitoring Errors and Alerts
  • Escalate to higher level support if requested by client

Security Management

  • Managing Users and Resources
  • Managing User Privileges and Roles
  • Auditing Database Activity

Schema Objects
Displaying information about schema objects.
Backup Management (Essential)

  • Monitor Backups
  • Report Failures

(Any issues are referred to higher level support)

Basic Service Tier

From the Basic Service Tier and upwards, Newman offers a higher degree of expertise to our clients. The Basic Service Tier includes all services offered in the Essential Service Tier.

The Basic Service Tier is available under a Service Level Agreement. The services included in this Service Tier are briefly discussed below.

SLA Uptime % (DB Availability)
The percentage, agreed to in the SLA, that a database will be available during any given month. Monitoring database uptime / availability based on SLA Uptime %
Database Processes

  • Manage processes for parallel SQL execution
  • Manage processes for external procedures
  • Terminating sessions.

Users & Security
Setup, manage and report on database auditing
Database Monitoring
Database and system monitoring (hardware and OS) is included in the Newman service (See Monitoring).

Newman’s Monitoring Service compares monitoring results with known industry benchmarks.

The Basic Service Tier includes the following monitoring services:

  • Monitoring Errors and Alerts
    • Monitoring Errors with Trace Files and the Alert Log
    • Monitoring a Database with Server-Generated Alerts
  • Monitoring Performance
    • Monitoring Locks
    • Monitoring Wait Events

Diagnostic Data
Investigate, report, and resolve problems and run health checks with health monitor.
Manage Structures:

  • Control files
  • Redo logs
  • Archived redo log files
  • Tablespaces
  • Oracle managed files
  • Transporting data

Manage Storage

  • Disk space usage
  • Internal DB space usage
  • Data files and temp files
  • Create & add data files.
  • Data file sizes and availability.
  • Naming & location of all files.
  • Data file deletions.
  • Data blocks in data files.

Manage Schema Objects

  • Schema objects
  • Space for schema objects
  • Tables, indexes, views, sequences and synonyms.

Manage Job Scheduler

  • Creating, Running, and Manage Jobs
  • Programs to Define Jobs
  • Schedules to Define Jobs

Distributed Databases
Provide information about Distributed Databases
Backup Management

  • Manage Backup scheduling and failures
  • Rerun failed Backups (If necessary)
  • Troubleshoot & Fix Archived Log Issues

Standard Service Tier

The Standard Service Tier includes all services offered in the Essential and Basic Service Tiers.

The Standard Service Tier is available under a Service Level Agreement.

Performance Tuning
Diagnosing and Tuning Database Performance:

  • Statistics
  • Managing Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)
  • Problem Diagnosis
  • Root cause analysis (ADDM)
  • Recommendations
  • Unused space reclamation

Manage Active Sessions

  • Monitor Top Events
  • Load Profile
  • Top SQL and PL/SQL
  • Top Objects/Files/Latches
  • Activity Over Time

Instance Tuning

  • Basic Instance Tuning
    • Define the problem
    • Host System and Database
    • Implement and measure change

Interpret Database Statistics and Investigate Wait Events.
Database Memory Tuning
Manage Database Memory Allocation
Manage System Resources

  • I/O and Operating System Resources
  • Process Management
  • Memory Management
  • CPU Usage
  • Scheduling

Advanced Service Tier

The Advanced Service Tier includes all services offered in the other Service Tiers. Services offered in this tier are normally available on a retainer basis. A Service Level Agreement will be agreed upon with the client if so required.

Services offered in the Advanced Service Tier are available to other Services Tiers on a Time Material Basis. These services are listed below.

  • Installations
  • Migrations
  • Upgrades & Patches
  • Backup strategy planning
  • Disaster recoveries
  • Bi-annual DR Tests per PD environment
  • Weekly Data refreshes (PD to QA etc)
  • Annual Reorgs
  • Data dumps
  • Bi-annual in-depth database health investigations & Reporting (PD environments)