The Inspector

Newman uses state-of-the-art technology, which enables us to provide services of the highest standard.

The Inspector provides system owners with a bird's-eye-view of their IT environment and the services they receive from Newman. The Inspector enables us to make system owners aware of events when it happens, before they become issues, and provides them with up-to-date feedback and reports.

What is it?

The Inspector is a revolutionary Wide-Area-Monitoring solution that ensures that systems and Service Levels are monitored proactively across networks and geographical regions with the least amount of effort. It provides feedback as needed, based on predefined thresholds related to the systems being monitored.

The Inspector was designed to assist technicians with their day-to-day support tasks and to ensure that all KPI's are met without the risk of human error or negligence - 24/7!

How does it work?

The Inspector makes use of agents, scheduling services and an integrated Service Management Module (SMM).

Agents are small programs that run as a service on each server that is monitored. With implementation, agents are configured to communicate with the Monitoring Server. Each agent runs preconfigured metrics to monitor, measure and maintain a whole range of databases, resources, applications or files on a server. These typically include database usage, server performance, memory and CPU usage, OS service availability and log file mining and maintenance, to name a few.

Values are uploaded to the Monitoring Server via an SSL connection, where it is measured against predefined thresholds. Service calls are automatically created and monitored by the Service Management Module whenever a threshold is breached.

Service Management

The Inspector Service Management Module is the backbone of The Inspector. Uploaded values result in calls or tickets when an agent returns a “bad” status(when a threshold is breached).

A technician will receive an email and SMS when a call is generated, prompting him/her to take action to resolve any issues. The SMM can be set up to alert any number of persons via SMS and e- mail, making a technician or system owner aware of events and status updates as they occur


The Inspector provides informative reports and dashboards. Monitoring Reports are sent out weekly or as requested. All reports are generated in real-time and sections within the report can be drilled into for more detailed information.


Inspector Agents need access to a single URL: An Agent requires only TCP port 443 to be opened on the firewall to this single URL. All Uploads are protected by 1024 Bit SSL encryption over HTTPS. These safety measures allow site owners to retain complete control over security.